CarbonBelt™ guaranteed 100% carbon fibre, 0% metal!

The exclusively handmade carbon fiber buckle and the leather belt consist 100% of metalfree material and have the great advantage not to beep at the airport security check. CarbonBelt™ is especially made for the requirements of frequent fliers and business travellers and designed with passion in Austria.

Every CarbonBelt™ is handmade, has a embossed number at the backside and the buckle gets because of it's unique texture a individual note. CarbonBelt™ is offered in a limited edition and therefore a unique product.

The buckle - frame, spike and pin - are made out of the best carbon fibre, has a width of 34mm (1.34 inch) and captures attention with its extraordinary design.

Let's convince you with the benefits coming with CarbonBelt™ and its unique and extraordinary design.

Fasten your CarbonBelt™!

CarbonBelt™ Original

CarbonBelt ™ of fine, high quality Italian calf leather,
with a square pin buckle made of 100% carbon.

-Width 33 mm
-Logo embossed on belt end and inside
-Rounded end of the belt

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