Welcome in our B2B-Section!

If you like our unique product, we can offer you now the possibility to sell the CarbonBelt™ in your shop. Become a CarbonBelt™ distributor and give your customers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the CarbonBelt™, as well. We will also include various stands and displays for your use, in order to ease you the resale of our product as much as possible.

Or maybe it is a burden on your staff to have to take off their belts numerous times every day in order to pass through the security checkpoint and, thereby, throw away precious working time, isn't it? You can outfit your entire staff with an uniquely flexible CarbonBelt™. No matter what colour, style, width, or length, if made of tissue, leather, or synthetic material, with or without individual branding. CarbonBelt™ gets it real for you!

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