Why you don't have to take off the CarbonBelt at Airport Security Check?

The buckle consists of 100% carbon fiber and therefore is metal-free. It's made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and additionaly all the parts are free of metal, the leather belt is sewed like the fixation of the buckle.

At the airport security check passengers are screened by metal detectors. If you carry metal parts on you, the metal detector beeps. CarbonBelt will not beep at the security gate, unless you will be asked to take it off before. Please be aware, that you have to follow the instructions of the security staff.

What means Easy-GO Security Check

It means, that the CarbonBelt has the potential to make the security check at the airport easier and much more comfortable.

How to order a CarbonBelt?

You can use our online shop provided in the menu bar on the left side. 

What's my belt-size?

Please use the size-chart provided by us, to ensure a perfect fit.

How much are the shipping costs?

Please visit our online shop to get all the details regarding shipment.Within the European Union, we ship for free!