Crafted with worldwide the best carbon fiber from Japan, the CarbonBelt™ requires an elaborate manufacturing process and necessitates the highest technological know-how.

It is entirely composed of 100% carbon, even its frame and pin and therefore totally metal-free. It's completely sewed and no common metal-brackets are used for fixing the buckle with the leatherbelt. 

Besides it's enormous stability, the buckle of the CarbonBelt™ is extremely light. 

The carbon cloth is composed of a technologically produced fibre composite material, where the carbon fibres are embedded in layers in resin, and then hardened into the toughest possible material.

CarbonBelt™ makes the everyday life of business people, those who travel often, holiday tourists, and airport staff easier and saves your precious time, as well. 

We use 100% finest leather from Italy to emphasize the uniqueness and high quality of the product.